Patient Stories

In this video you will meet Kate who had Mini Gastric Bypass surgery to treat her Type 2 diabetes. She is an example cartoon based on a real patient who used those words to describe her experience 7 weeks post op.
Kate’s doctor told her that her Type 2 diabetes would be much easier to manage if she lost weight, ate healthy and exercised more. But because of her weight, Kate didn’t feel like exercising and because she was tired she often chose to eat convenient fast food rather than my own home cooked meals. She said she felt yuck and needed help.
Kate’s metabolic surgeon suggested a Mini Gastric Bypass. He said it might offer the best outcome for my type 2 diabetes. Kate also committed to make healthier choices in her eating and exercise more in the future.

Fast-forward 7 weeks! Kate posted on the clinic support page:
“Just had my first HbA1c blood test since surgery. My GP is ecstatic that my type 2 Diabetes is in remission. The weight loss is a bonus but having perfect blood sugar levels again is the real win for me”.

Kate still looks after herself. She sees her GP regular checkups and checks her blood glucose levels every few days.

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